Dear Sir or Madam,

We cordially invite all the companies, scientific institutes, organisations and student groups involved in the wide-ranging field of financial and applied mathematics to cooperate with our association. Below you will find a description of our activities, which should give you an insight into the kind of cooperation we can offer. Our activities are also described in the “About us” tab.

We are also open to innovations and ideas from your side.

Cooperation with the FMSA is a great opportunity to raise your organisation awareness among the most active mathematics students of the Jagiellonian University. What is more, members of our association may become important and valuable collaborators of your organisation.

“Maths, what’s next?”

“Maths, what’s next?” is a series of open meetings with employers aimed at identifying interesting employment opportunities for mathematics graduates. Each meeting consists of two parts:

  • “Marketing” – an employee (usually HR) talks about the company’s activity and possible career stages (duration up to 30 minutes),
  • “Lecture” – focused on the specifics of the work, the tools used on a day-to-day basis and the presentation of basic knowledge that is needed in this position (duration up to 90 minutes). The idea for this part of the meeting is for the guest to include a case study, present a specific tool and analyse a problem that he/she has encountered at work.

It is important for us that at least the lecture part of the meeting is conducted by people who are graduates of mathematics, statistics or econometrics and use the knowledge from these areas at work.


We organise workshops aimed at giving members of our association an opportunity to gain valuable practical skills. Such meetings are closed for the public and only members can participate.

In recent years we have organised workshops devoted to, among others, validation of models in financial institutions, hedge fund rules, practical use of Excel and VBA.

Our interests include the application of mathematics (including risk management, statistical models and quantitative methods), as well as IT tools used in finance (e.g. R, SAS, SQL).

Scientific groups

We encourage our members to become independent in their studies by expanding their knowledge through creating so-called scientific groups. Within such a group several students explore their chosen subject. Some of the subjects that our scientific groups have explored, or are working with are: risk management, the use of IT tools in finance and economic forecasting methods. Depending on your industry and the interests of our members, we could organise a dedicated meeting or even set up a group under the patronage of the company.

Other activities

We organise and participate in other types of activities such as: lectures, conferences, open days, competitions and presentations of workstations.

Our association collects books dedicated to, among others, financial mathematics, quantitative finance and computer tools. If you wish, your organisation can donate us some materials. We would be extremely grateful and mark them with your organisation name.


All meetings are conducted in Polish or English and the organisation of each of them is preceded by an e-mail and, if necessary, details can be exchanged by telephone. We provide project promotion through posters, social media and mailing.

We encourage you to contact us, which may be the beginning of fruitful and development cooperation.

If you have any questions, we are at your disposal: