For several years The Financial Mathematics Student Association of the Jagiellonian University (FMSA) has been working to expand our network throughout various activities. We take part in science oriented activities at our university, work with establishing networks and contacts by organising meetings, workshops, and seminars related to financial mathematics both inside and outside the university walls, further promoting our association. The FMSA headquarter has become a place to meet and obtain strong friendships and contacts.

Meetings: ‘Maths, what’s next?’

The aim of the meetings is to familiarize our members with the industries in which a mathematics graduate can find employment. The invited guests tell us about the companies they work in, the mathematical tools they use, and the demands that the candidates must face. We have already hosted HSBC, UBS, State Street, PwC, Accenture, Noble Securities and many more. We have been organising these meetings since 2011, and they attract not only an audience from within our department, but also from other units and universities.

Scientific group

We believe that not everyone will be content with merely the material provided in class, therefore we also explore the subjects of our interest while working in groups with others. We begin with the fundamentals of the capital market to reach the advanced tools to model its functioning.

Outgoing workshops

Beautiful scenery, interesting talks and excellent guests are the recipe for one of the projects we are most proud of. Outgoing workshops, organised as the «Intensive Investment Course» from 2011 to 2013, and since 2014 as the «Academy of Future Financier», are usually held in picturesque mountain towns and are an opportunity for us to present our own research interests and listen to the speakers’ presentations, which are held by members of our university staff as well as by befriended organisations’ representants. There are also opportunities to socialize and get to know each other.

Internal training

While we’re studying the most interesting mathematical problems, we do not forget about practical skills. So far, the workshops have been devoted to learning the use of SQL and VBA, as well as the rules of exchange and business modelling. Training is provided by cooperating with companies or our older colleagues.

Popularization of mathematical applications

As one of the largest and most active student association of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science we are glad to engage in its promotional activities. Our stand during the Science Festival in Krakow Main Market Square is invariably extremely popular. We organise the stock market simulation which makes it possible for everyone to feel like a professional investor. We also participate in the Night of Scientists and the Day of the Faculty, conducting workshops focused on mathematical probability and applications of mathematics.

Business Breakfast and English Discussion Club

We regularly meet to discuss current business, financial and political events. The more compelling topics are being discussed in English in the Discussion Club. These meetings create an opportunity for us to get to know different opinions and to practice our ability to participate in a business-like discussion.

Scientific conferences

In the past years we have also organised scientific conferences. Among the speakers were academics from the Jagiellonian University, Cracow University of Economics and the AGH University of Science and Technology, as well as business representatives from companies such as ProTrader, Capgemini and Gemini Polska. The topics of the conference have been “Risk in Financial Institutions” (2011), “Mathematics in Economics” (2012), “Contemporary Trends in Mathematics and Economics” (2014).